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Campaign sign vandalized

Why is the Menahga School trying to fast track this "remodeling plan" just weeks before half of the school board is replaced? Will this not further divide the community? This plan will not meet the needs of the student body and is only a partial fix which will take away half of the Ag shop.

After the second (failed) referendum the administration admitted they shouldn't have planned on taking part of the Ag shop away and made it clear that they would keep the entire shop for the third (failed) referendum because of so much opposition.

Is this memory loss or a slap in the face to the voters? Is this the best we can do? Would it hurt to take a couple more months and further study the facts and options? Forcing this additional tax burden on the residents of Dist 821 with no public input and no additional classrooms will just make it that much more difficult for the new school board. I would hope the current board members will think this over carefully before they vote.

Last month the board approved raises for the rest of the school employees. I fully understand this. You had to as the teachers were given a very generous raise last fall. It's too bad social security once again gave "0"increases due to the economy. The city of Menahga and Green Pine Acres employees were also given no raises. What bothers me is the school raises come out of the same cookie jar meant for the children. Wouldn't it have been nice to fix the ADA problems for our children first before handing out raises?

I'm getting the feeling that some people feel threatened by the facts. Just days before the third referendum vote I was targeted personally by a number of letters to the editor with false accusations and innuendos trying to discredit me and to influence the outcome. This was timed so there would be no chance for any response or corrections.

Now, last Friday night or Saturday morning some brave soul(s) under cover of darkness trespassed on private property to spray paint vulgarities on my sign, then pulled it out of the ground and tipped it over. I guess some people just can't handle the truth if it differs from their own views.

I had received many compliments on the sign which was hand painted by a friend. Win or lose. I had planned to hang it up in my shop after the election. But, maybe those responsible would like it for your trophy case. I'm sure your family would be so proud of your abilities. Why not man-up and speak your views in public?

You must seek the truth for yourself. You certainly can't believe everything you hear or read in the paper.

Jon Kangas