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Austin Arvik, right, and Josh Hemenway hold their toothpick bridge while more weight is added to a bucket below. (Anna Erickson / Enterprise)

Bridge project is a lesson in business, construction

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Terry Zoller’s industrial technology students recently tested out their toothpick bridge masterpieces to see how strong their creations turned out to be.


Students constructed the bridges out of toothpicks, cardboard, string and glue. They had a budget to work with and checks. They used a spreadsheet to keep track of expenses.

Francisco Castro-Pallas, Emili Martinez, Taylor Becker and Arianna Diederich named their project the “Bright Star Bridge.”

Bridges had to follow a certain building code as well. A boat and car had to fit under the bridge.

The bridges were put to the test Friday afternoon. Bridges were held up and a bucket was attached to the middle. One by one, weights were added to the bucket and students waited 30 seconds to see if the bridge could hold up to the weight.

Students worked in groups and had the opportunity to name their bridge projects to make each one unique.