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Be informed about court justices

Do you find voting for court justices difficult because it is difficult to know how they decide cases? Do you believe a justice should decide according to the Constitution as written by the Founders? Are you tired of justices disregarding the language of the statutes and voting their preferences? Do you believe justices should apply the law or rewrite the law?

This year you have to make a choice for a Minnesota Supreme Court justice. The choices are clear in the Wersal/Meyer race. Greg Wersal believes judges should apply the law, not write it. He believes the Constitution should be construed as written. He believes in tort reform and litigation reform.

His opponent, Helen Meyer, is a judicial activist who believes it is permissible to rewrite the statute inserting additional conditions and using those conditions in deciding the case. She believes judges may insert their policy preferences in place of those created by legislatures. Vote informed.

Mary Ann Muller

Park Rapids