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Assessors are using their opinions for valuations

In a recent D.L. Tribune article Becker County Commissioner Barry Nelson states he would like the property tax abatement "clerical error" definition to include "field work" done by assessors.

County assessor S. Skoog did not agree because valuations are "assessor opinion based."

Further, that property owners are responsible for checking their valuation statements. Commissioner Knutson suggests the county board continue to define hardship and not change the clerical error definition.

Wow, how many taxpayers know of hardship abatements? Now taxpayers also know that assessment valuations are "opinion based," not based on facts and taxpayers are supposed to be responsible for knowing how to determine their valuations.

Why aren't all assessors responsible for valuation accuracy? (It's) the job they are paid to do.

The commissioners could improve assessment quality by simply implementing the recommended "county-wide assessment system a.k.a True County" and end nepotism.

Most taxpayers lack the time and expertise to check out assessor opinion based valuations. There are instances of opinion based valuations relative to personalities and who you know.

How convenient for the county assessor to simply dismiss assessor responsibility.

Les Ristinen