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America was built on privatization

In response to “Privatization has been a costly failure,” not one shred of evidence is presented in this letter to support the idea that privatization has failed or been more costly to the public. This article is no more than a defense of the “defenseless” Obamacare. Mr. Purrier makes it abundantly clear what his real desires for America are when he states our entire socio/economic infrastructure should be based on centralized government run healthcare, social security and welfare, education, food and drug control, environmental protection, human ingenuity, etc.

What is needed is a lesson in history. Socialism is by definition a system based on government control of the production and distribution of goods and services. Socialism is all about government control. Governments big enough to do this have only existed in the past few hundred years. (Note: Kings/monarchs of old where absolute rulers, but had neither the ability nor inclination to control the entire socio/economic infrastructure). Here is a list of the most well-known socialistic states:

  • France after the French Revolution: Their short-lived experiment in government control collapsed into the autocratic regime of Napoleon.
  • Russia/USSR/Eastern Europe: This social system began early in the 20th century and expanded after WWII. This collective/social experiment in governmental control produced some of the most vicious political autocrats in world history. It collapsed under the weight of its own bureaucracy in the early 1990s.
  •  Germany under the National Socialists: This experiment in government socialism started out under autocratic leadership and only got worse once Hitler declared himself the absolute dictator. While the economic conditions in Germany improved under Hitler, it was accomplished over the dead bodies of millions upon millions of people worldwide. Socialism can only thrive when it can find new sources of money and wealth … often done thru conquest.
  • China: Begun after WWII, this experiment in socio/economic control led to the likes of the autocratic Mao Tse Tung. Only the Chinese have been able to sustain their socialistic government and they did it by capturing the free markets through deception and deceitful methods. They refuse to float their currency, they pirate any and all inventions and copyrights, they pay low wages to poor laborers in order to capture all worldwide manufacturing, and they employ government run espionage to undermine competing businesses in other countries. China fed its socialistic system by robbing the western free market states blind.
  • Cuba: A socialist state since the 1950s, it is the best example of the failure of socialism.

Now all of the western democracies of Europe and America are pursuing the failed system of socialism/governmental control. Can we expect that the results will be any different?

Our founding fathers recognized the depravity of the human heart and developed a form of government that placed power and authority at the local level … closest to the people … hoping to prevent the abuses caused by centralized power and greed. They also founded this nation upon the presupposition that human rights are unalienable and are granted by the Creator (not the government). Finally, the last portion of the Bill of Rights declares: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution … are reserved to the States respectively or to the people (privatization!).”

Clearly, the best way to keep government in check and to prevent the abuses history has revealed concerning Socialism is to concentrate power at the local level or level closest to the people.

The march towards Socialism and the centralization of power in the federal government in this country over the past 50+ years is astounding. It is probably not reversible. A wise philosopher once wrote, “Those who will not learn from history are destined to repeat it.”