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Sleigh Festival revival meeting to be held Monday in Hubbard

The historical tradition of the Hubbard Prairie will be reborn with a horse-drawn sleigh festival, slated for Sunday, Feb. 26 in the village of Hubbard.

Organizer Jim Johnson, who's collaborating with Dick Schauer of the Working Horse, hopes to continue the legacy of sleigh rides, hearkening back to the early 1900s.

Teamsters and horses are being recruited for the "time travel" event.

Plans call for a Sleigh-Away grand parade, with former Minnesota governor (1882-87), notable Civil War veteran and county namesake Lucius Hubbard and his wife serving as grand marshals.

Gov. Hubbard is expected to deliver an address at Long Lake Theater during the day.

A snow sculpting competition and horse-drawn sleigh rides will again be an integral component of the step-back-in-time celebration.

A hot chocolate tasting event (similar to wine sipping) will feature 15-20 flavors.

Hilltop chefs will be serving chili and kids will find activities in the Hubbard Community Center.

An organizational meeting for a resurrection of the Hubbard Prairie Sleigh Festival will be held at 7 p.m. Monday, Jan. 2 at the Hubbard Community Center.

Bring recollections, ideas and a desire for fun. All are welcome.

Call Jim Johnson at 413-464-1057 for more information.