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Bull ride temporary liquor license hits slight snag at state

The Professional Bull Ride scheduled for the July 4th holiday in Park Rapids suffered a slight snag in obtaining a liquor license this week but the issue is now in the process of being resolved.

Wednesday Hubbard County Auditor Pam Heeren learned the Wrestling Boosters club, the non-profit organization that applies for the temporary liquor license, had been denied by the state.

By Friday the Wrestling Boosters expected the issue, which the club is calling a clerical error, to be resolved.

The liquor license issue has bounced back and forth since January, when Henrietta Township passed a resolution approving 3.2 beer licenses only.

Bull ride sponsors Randy and Denese Jokela and a number of supporters converged on the township board April 8 to ask for a strong beer license.

The township relented April 21 and rescinded its 3.2 beer policy.

The county approved the temporary liquor license last month.

Then all the paperwork went to the state for final approval.

Temporary liquor licenses can only be granted to corporations that have been in existence three years or more, according to state law, Heeren told the board.

The Wrestling Boosters reorganized in 2009 and re-incorporated. By re-incorporating, "they jammed themselves up," Heeren said.

The issue was expected to be resolved Friday after working with the state.

"It's a non-issue," said Sherry Safratowich, a member of the Wrestling Boosters club. "It was a clerical error and we should have our license from the state today."

Randy Jokela also said he didn't expect there to be any problems.

Jokelas said the bull rides attract 30,000 to the area over a three-day period.