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High school drama club to present 'The Birds'

Park Rapids Area High School students in "The Birds: A Modern Adaptation" are, front row from left, Katelynne Dusoski, Emily Schwartz, Kate Johnson, Nathan Gebhard, Eryn Simpson, Jenna Shepersky, Kelsey Adolphson, Amanda Splittstoesser, Rachael Fineday; middle row, Tyler Barr, Sara Schultz, Jordyn Bynum, Jacob Froelich, Jason Dennis, Tom Phan, Michelle Farlee, Bailey Moore, Natasha Shabaiash, Savanna Dietchler; back row, Tony Schmid, Ben Pilkey, Sean Hayes, Jake Grimes, Luke Swenson, Jenny Palm and Alana...

From hummingbirds and flamingos to hawks and crows, Park Rapids Area High School students, dressed in colorful costumes as "The Birds," will take audience members on a soothing, yet complicated journey in the land of the Greek Gods.

The students will perform the social commentary "The Birds: A Modern Adaptation" at 7 p.m. this Friday and Saturday, Dec. 11-12 at the high school's auditorium.

Juliann Kjenaas is director of the Don Zolidis comedy, which is based on the original play by Aristophanes. She's been rehearsing with the students since the beginning of November.

Jason Dennis and Jacob Froelich will play the two miscreants, Pithetaerus and Eulipides, who are fed up with the world of insurance salesmen and the crazy society they live in. They then escape Athens to create their own simple life with the birds.

"While living there, the two scheme up a financial jackpot that could turn the birds' land into a powerful utopia. Their only obstacle: The wrath of the gods," the script states.

"It's one of our most creative plays we've ever done here," Froelich said.

The stage will feature birds: Sara Schultz as a hawk; Jake Grimes, an epops; Nathan Gebhard, titmouse; Tyler Barr, blue-footed boobie; Katie Johnson, crow; Natasha Shabaiash, bat; Amanda Splittstoesser, passenger pigeon; Michelle Farlee, kiwi; Kelsey Adolphson, parrot; Jenna Shepersky, dodo; Savanna Deitchler, flamingo; Tony Schmid, ostrich; and Eryn Simpson, as a hummingbird.

Other cast members include Jenny Palm playing Procne, daughter of Pandion, king of Athens; Sean Hayes, as an investment banker/Poseidon, the god of the sea; Ben Pilkey, lawyer/Hercules/Prometheus; Luke Swenson, insurance agent/Mgrachuchuk; Jordyn Bynum, activist; Katelynn Dusoski, Internet spammer; and Alana McKeever, portraying an iris.

Tickets are $6 for adults and $3 for students.