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Ryan's 'clicks' capture moments in time

Ryley Saarinen was on a quest for Easter eggs, with a vintage vehicle as a backdrop and mom Nicole Sayler as a coach, when Patti Ryan snapped some "fabulous funtographs." (Jean Ruzicka / Enterprise)

Photographer Patti Ryan considers the great outdoors her studio - summer, winter, spring and fall.

Her subjects, she explains, are more comfortable in a natural setting. And that often puts her in an unusual spot behind the lens - "in waders, on Portage, pushing a duck boat through the lilies," for example.

"I had poison ivy for the first time last year," she said of another lights/action/ camera episode. "And I'm overcoming my fear of heights."

Emboldened by family support, "Pikkel" is pursuing a passion since childhood. "As a military brat, there is no such thing as a stranger," the shutterbug said.

Her career began to "develop" in high school, where she volunteered as a sports photographer. When her son headed off to college, she purchased a digital camera to capture his sports highlights.

Her family encouraged her to take her hobby to new heights.

Piks Clicks and Fabulous Funtography is based at the soon-to-open Salvage Depot, the former TeamWorks building, but she's "Here! There! Everywhere."

Her subjects range from pets to brides and grooms, babies to graduating seniors and families, all of whom she befriends to capture their "true" image - while gaining some tutelage on hot spots for shots. Teens, for example, introduced her to the underbelly of the train bridge.

"It's all about memories," she said of her quest to capture moments in time. "I wish I'd known more when my kids were little."

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