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Roiko offers clinical corrective skin care

Annette Roiko

Skin is the largest organ in the human body, with millions of cells at work within a square inch.

Annette Roiko, R.N., of the Essence of Thyme Wellness Spa has become a champion for the external protective membrane that defines facial appearance, now offering corrective skin care.

Her original organic skin care line, while replete with antioxidants and beneficial ingredients, did not offer curative measures. "As I grew, I wanted to do more corrective. So I started to research," Roiko said.

Her quest would take her to Utah, where she recently underwent training and added Glymed Plus products and equipment for clinical corrective skin care, addressing anti-aging, acne, hyper-pigmentation and rosacea.

"It was so much fun," she said of her three-day training. "I feel like I have the tools in my pouch to do skin care the way I want to.

"Everyone is familiar with Proactiv," she said of the widely advertised acne treatment. "But it treats all skin the same. That's where Glymed differs. It focuses on balancing and protecting. It's the biggest change in skin care I've ever seen," she said of the product recently voted number one by American Spa for acne treatment.

The five cleansers in the acne line allow customized treatment, she said.

She has also introduced the Glymed Plus "A" team to her product line - Retinol A, that is, a rejuvenation serum (day) and cream (night) which work "synergistically to increase cell regeneration and build collagen triggers that diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and brown spots."

Retinol A also helps break up acne impactions.

The ultrasonic facial is now also part of the spa's services, "microcurrent therapy" having become part of her vocabulary.

The therapy is a simple, non-abrasive process of supplying low-level electrical current, similar to what's found naturally in the body. When applied to the skin's surface, it reaches injured cells and allows them to accept nutrients and expel waste at an optimum level.

The therapy replenishes ATP - "the fuel tanks in cells" - allowing increased amino acid transport and protein synthesis, which leads to an increased production of collagen.

The result: a rejuvenated complexion and ongoing skin improvements.

A men's line is also available and Glo Minerals, a 100 percent mineral makeup, is coming soon.

Essence of Thyme Wellness Spa is located at 17216 Highway 34 east.

The Web site is www.essence