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New CT scanner brings innovative technology to patients

Mary Kay Seidl, CHI St. Joseph’s Health Multi Modality Radiologic Technologist, operates the new CT scanner at CHI St. Joseph’s Health.

Technology and innovation play a key role in the dynamic field of diagnostic imaging.

Having the best technology available for patients close to home is a priority, and CHI St. Joseph’s Health is excited to announce the arrival of a new, upgradable Computed Tomography (CT) scanner.

CT scanners use xrays and computers to create a body image much like bread slices comprise a loaf of bread. The thinner the slices, the more detailed the images produced for radiologists when interpreting images and making a diagnosis.

The new 64-slice, CT scanner brings improved speed, resolution, and performance to patients. Benefits include:

n Major improvements in reconstructive clarity,

n Reduction in dose to the patient,

n Improved weight-handling capacities and comfort for our bariatrics patients.