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The Beehive: Wintering the bees...hmmm

By Brett Kent /For the Enterprise

Hi everyone, welcome back to the Beehive. It has been a while since my last column.

I have to say, things have been kind of crazy at the Double “b”ee ranch. Brenda and I have been busy stealing the surplus honey from the bees. I think we gathered up approximately 180 honey supers from our hives. This will translate into approximately 5,000 pounds of honey for this year’s harvest.

We have been extracting the honey every chance we have a few extra hours. At this point, we have 25 supers to go. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I would say that this year’s honey crop is significantly better than last year. I think our honey production is up about 25 percent.

So now, we look towards fall and try to come up with a plan to better our chances of success, in helping the bees survive the winter. One of the changes we implemented this year was a decision to leave an extra deep box full of honey on each hive this winter. Hopefully, this will give the bees all the food they need to make it through the winter.

Another decision that needs to be addressed is how we should winterize our hives.

I have been reading all I can, and watching YouTube videos on how to winterize your bees. I have also talked with a few old timers in the bee world, in an attempt to get them to share a secret or two. So far, I am still formulating a plan. Once the idea hits me, like a bee sting between the eyes, I will let you know how we are going to proceed. Until then, you folks take care.