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Plumbers spread awareness via choice uniforms

By Nick Longworth

Throughout the month of October don’t be surprised if your plumber shows up a little more fashionably dressed than expected.

Starting on the first, local business Samuelson-Laney Plumbing began enduring a month-long Breast Cancer awareness promotion, putting their professionals in pink t-shirts to raise awareness.

“We chose to do this from a group discussion that evolved into a company promotion,” said Joe Samuelson, co-owner of Samuelson-Laney.

“We have had a lot of family members and friends that have had to deal with cancer and we thought this would be a good way to help those in need. It seems like everyone has had or dealt with cancer in one way or another” Samuelson said.

But the promotion won’t stop there.

Every time you see one of these gentlemen in pink on a service call, five dollars will be donated, with 100% of the proceeds going to either charity or cancer research.

“I have personally had several family members and friends affected by this disease. We just felt like it would be an important cause to make everyone aware that this problem still persists,” said Heather Samuelson, co-owner of Samuelson-Laney Plumbing.

Heather and Joe Samuelson have owned Samuelson-Laney since 2008.

However, this is the first time that they have participated in an event geared towards cancer research.

The main goal, Heather says, is to promote overall awareness.

“I don’t think there’s anyone I know who hasn’t been affected by breast cancer in some way. Everyone knows someone who has had it and it’s important to get routine checkups and mammograms,” Heather Samuelson said.

And if the shirts don’t help get the word out, cash will be there to pick up the slack.

“We haven’t decided exactly which charity yet; it might be the Susan G. Komen foundation, or some more local charity. But all proceeds will be donated and we won’t be keeping any profit,” Heather Samuelson said.

There will be no limit as to how much Samuelson-Laney will be donating. They aren’t actively selling the shirts, but if someone would like to purchase one they are open to the idea.

Pending the promotion’s success, Samuelson-Laney will look to turn it into an annual event.

“We just wanted to do something, even if little, to spread awareness. Plus, what’s more fun than seeing your plumber show up in pink?” Heather Samuelson said.

Nick Longworth
A graduate from St. Cloud State University, Nick photographs and writes a variety of stories for nearly every section of The Park Rapids Enterprise. His duties also include section layouts and online content submission.
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